Parents should use phone and tablet apps with pre-school children to close literacy gap, education secretary says – Listen

Poorer families should use smartphone and tablet apps with preschool children in a bid to close the gap in basic literacy and communication skills among those entering school, the education secretary has said. The Independent reports.

There has been growing concern about the amount of time that young children spend on digital devices, with experts recently advising parents to implement a digital curfew for their children.

But Damian Hinds has urged parents to use screen time constructively – with free subscriptions to educational apps aimed at children as young as two in areas where school readiness is worst.

More than a quarter of four and five-year-olds lack the early communication skills, such as being able to talk about events in the past or future, expected by the end of reception year, DfE figures show.

Mr Hinds, who has pledged to halve the number of children starting school without vital literacy skills by 2028, admitted that the word gap had perhaps been “exacerbated” by some technology.

But he added the “Sesame Street effect”, which shows that the TV programme had an educational effect on children who watched it, suggests that toddlers can also learn from apps and screen time.

As part of the government scheme to boost literacy, disadvantaged families with children aged two to four, will receive free access to quality learning apps for phones and tablets in up to 12 pilot areas.

Thousands of families in the north of England will be sent tips via text message, educational toys and books as part of the programme to help boost children’s language and literacy skills at home.

He said: “Screens can be an easy distraction for children, but harnessing the power of technology to support early communication and development means that we have another tool in our arsenal to help young kids develop those skills.”

Read the full article and listen to Damian Hinds Parents should use phone and tablet apps with pre-school children to close literacy gap, education secretary says

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  1. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, non-poor parents will continue to bring up their children ‘technology-lite’, read them stories and go to the library – and do what they think is best rather than what the state tells them to do.

  2. Pre-schoolers need to be with a parent who’ll invest quality time with them, taking them to toddler groups (time for rhyme, messy play and play groups etc), discussing their activities/day, reading a range of books daily and nightly, helping to make meals etc. Doing all these, and more, has a much greater impact on ‘Closing the Gap’.

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