Parents’ relief at school decision to cancel trip after Paris terror attacks

The Bristol Post is reporting relief amongst local parents at a school decision to cancel a trip to Europe after the recent terror attacks.

After the terror in Paris in recent weeks it is no surprise parents were concerned about a school trip which would take their children through central Europe in the next few days.

But they were outraged when teachers at Merchant Academy in Withywood did nothing to quell their fears, even during a meeting at the school.

Wayne Ward, whose son Harry is in Year 9 at the school, said: “We went to a meeting at the school and we all raised our concerns and asked what the school had done about risk assessment.

“They did not appear to have done any risk assessment at all and they had a presentation and it felt like every other slide was saying there would be no refunds.

“It is not about the money. My son is not going either way, because I don’t know if it is safe.”

The trip is planned for around 40 pupils, to visit the Lindt chocolate factory in Cologne.

Their itinerary says they will leave Bristol at midnight on Friday December 4 and travel by coach to the German city. However, their journey takes them through the capital city of Brussels, in Belgium…

The cost of the trip for each child was £200.

Mr Ward, an electrical engineer, said: “It is not even a very educational trip, they are going to a chocolate factory.

“I cannot send my son on that trip when I do not know if it is safe or not.”

After speaking to Mr Ward and other parents who did not wish to be named, the Bristol Post contacted the school.

We have had no formal response from them but have been told by Mr Ward they have decided to postpone the trip.

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This article is from the Bristol Post, but could, frankly, have been any one of a number of local media outlets from around the country reporting similar issues about school trips to Europe.

Where do we stand now and how should schools balance parental fears with the need to carry on with a normal programme of activities?

Your thoughts on how best to deal with the potential tensions?

Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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