Parents prefer kids to get an apprenticeship rather than uni degree

Just over half of parents would prefer their child to get an apprenticeship rather than go to university, saying it offers a better chance of securing a good job. Sky News reports.

A survey commissioned by the Chartered Management Institute found that 51% would encourage their child to apply for an apprenticeship instead of university and 59% of parents thought an apprenticeship provided better job prospects than a university degree.

The survey also found few people were aware of T-levels, the equivalent to A-levels, which will be launched in England next year.

Rob Wall, head of policy at the CMI, said raising awareness was “proving to be a real challenge”.

“At CMI, we know that high quality technical and vocational education increases employability and boosts social mobility, and the government’s recent announcement to invest additional funding in T-levels is to be welcomed.

“But students cannot enjoy these benefits if they are not aware of or not encouraged to consider non-academic pathways.”

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  1. Chris

    Well, yes, an apprenticeship might be better training for a job. But that is all it is. People don’t go to university in order to train for a job. I’m sure Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking didn’t go to uni thinking “I hope I get a good job at the end of this.”

    Going to university broadens the mind and exposes students to new ways of thinking and new horizons. Doing an apprenticeship trains someone for one particular job type, and surrounds them with people who broadly think the same way.

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