Parents in Wales win High Court nursery cuts legal fight

The BBC is reporting that Parents campaigning against cuts to nursery provision in Rhondda Cynon Taf have won the latest stage of their battle at the High Court in London…

Parents Against the Cuts to Education in RCT sought a judicial review after a council decision to end full-time nursery education for younger children.

It decided to offer part-time schooling for three-year olds and full-time from the age of four as part of budget cuts.

The council said officers would consider the detail of the judgement.

It has the right to appeal against the ruling.

It is understood the basis of the judgement is that the council breached its statutory duties in the way it reached its decision.

The plan to raise the age for full-time education to four, in line with many other Welsh councils, caused an outcry from parents.

Jo Caddy, one of the campaigners who travelled to London to hear the judgment, said: “It’s hard to describe, it’s absolutely awesome, a lot of hard work and effort has gone into this.

“We wanted to be here to hear this. It’s exceptionally important.

“There’s nothing more important than children’s education. We all believe strongly the council acted inappropriately.”

…Plaid Cymru leader and South Wales Central AM Leanne Wood said it was “a great day for people power”.

“The parents against the cuts group was brave and took a big financial risk by standing up to the Labour-controlled local authority that wanted to steamroller through some damaging education cuts without listening to local people.”

…In a statement, Rhondda Cynon Taf council said: “Unfortunately the council has no alternative other than to make significant reductions to its service provision because of the severity of the UK government’s austerity measures.

“Officers will now consider the detail of this judgement and will report to members in due time.”

Education union UCAC says the ruling should mean any talks about staff redundancies should be put on hold…

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Well, it’s a bit hard to work out what’s going on here with all the political point scoring that seems to be going on but what do you make of it? It sounds like the parents have fought a great campaign, although is there a particular reason that full time provision should be made here for three years old if it is not in many other parts of Wales? Please give us your insights and feedback in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. Dr_al_clark

    suzsca RetiredSteven RCTeducation just concerns me greatly where they now find the 3 million pounds?

  2. suzsca

    Dr_al_clark RCTeducation Real concern I agree – plus all potential costs of claims for stress caused to teachers who faced redundancy ??

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