Parents in punch-up outside primary school in row over dangerous parking

According to the Mirror, police are on patrol morning and afternoons outside a Manchester primary school after parents brawled over dangerous parking…

In one shocking incident a dad was punched in the face while yesterday two dads were caught on video squaring up to each other.

In the footage, a dad can be seen getting out of his car to challenge another who had stopped on the wrong side of the road and was refusing to move.

Another parent had to separate the two men, who shouted abuse at each other, before one banged on the other’s car…

Mum-of-one Lindsey Gibbons, 26, whose daughter attends the nursery, told the Manchester Evening News: “Parents arguing with each other is a daily occurrence. PTA members who try to help get abuse too.”

In a letter to parents sent out earlier this week, headteacher Alison White said she was ‘at a loss for words that parents or carers are still behaving in a manner that is putting children’s lives at risk’.

The letter continues: “It further saddens me that members of my staff and myself are being put in situations where parents/carers cannot control their tempers and are resulting [sic] to violent behaviour or verbal abuse towards one another.

“If we do not change our behaviours a child is going to be killed. It could be your child.”

…The headteacher told the Manchester Evening News: “The parking outside of school has been and continues to be a serious problem and the school has taken steps to alleviate the problem and is working with councillors and the police.

“We are extremely pleased that the school is going to be part of the new Smartcar patrol which will identify those parents who are not changing their behaviour.

“Ultimately I feel it’s the responsibility of the whole school community to ensure all our children are safe and this will only happen when all adults take responsibility for their actions.”

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Is this issue of parents parking badly just the latest flavour of the month in the media or is there a real and growing problem at schools? Any examples of how your/your child’s school has been able to tackle the issue? Please share in the comments or on twitter…  

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  1. Jtgbluez

    “SchoolsImprove: Parents in punch-up over parking. Adults put convenience before children’s needs in many ways-not just parking.

  2. LiterateGrumpy

    SchoolsImprove Just more examples of the sad fact that we are becoming an even more mannerless, discourteous, nasty and grasping society.

  3. FancyDressBash

    SchoolsImprove it’s so dangerous. People are just stupid for endangering children’s lives with their selfish parking

  4. mummultitasking

    SchoolsImprove #LookGove. This is a result of giving too much choice. School runs become tortuous #hideoushappenings

  5. LaCatholicState

    @mummultitasking SchoolsImprove  I’d rather have choice…..and car chaos….than little choice and no car chaos.

  6. Talkloads

    SchoolsImprove had a letter from my daughter’s primary school about dangerous & irresponsible parking in the estate opposite just this week

  7. Saucepanmanc

    susiefreckells SchoolsImprove desperate to know which school! Actually wouldn’t be surprised if that happened at ours

  8. mummultitasking

    ej5351 SchoolsImprove too much choice has created sink schools and angry parents who will do ANYTHING to get kids into decent schools.

  9. Mando_Commando

    SchoolsImprove parking outside schools is a huge issue in our area. I know if 4 children hit by cars in last month. Not enough being done!

  10. chris_j_fisher9

    Mando_Commando SchoolsImprove had to try my hand at traffic policing before now. Agree this is an issue for many schools.

  11. ballater6

    Mando_Commando SchoolsImprove actually issue for parents who risk their children by selfish parking to save them having to walk further

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