Parents’ fury as teachers stage a break-in at their school and ask shocked pupils to turn detective to try and solve it.

The Daily Mail reports that parents have been left furious after teachers staged a fake burglary while some children were unaware it was a hoax – leaving them scared to go into school.

Terrified pupils aged just nine and ten at a primary school in Bury, Manchester found their classrooms had been ransacked and iPads stolen when they returned from an assembly. 

The elaborate ruse was carried out at Ribble Drive Community Primary School ahead of a writing exercise the following day – but some outraged parents claim they did not see a message from the school warning them. 

The school said it sent a bulletin on the mobile phone app Dojo, however parent Valerie Morris, 50, claimed the app was not always effective and said many failed to receive the message.

Mrs Morris said her nine-year-old son Ben was upset by the hoax, “My first thought was “how did they get in?” The doors and gates are locked when the kids are in school.”

“It’s a huge worry. I was thinking about how [the intruders] could have had knives, or guns, or even bombs. You have to think of the effect it could have on their mental health too.”

Head teacher Kathryn Higson claimed parents had been forewarned via the app and said: ‘We need to look at the quality of the children’s writing that this exercise has produced, and from what I have seen so far, I have been very impressed.

‘We have not seen any evidence in school that the children have been scared. They were safe at all times.’

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  1. Nairb1

    I suppose we can always rely on the Mail to do a bit of rabble rousing and there’s always a rabble waiting.

  2. Ian Crawford

    Given that the Daily Mail is a fake news organisation it is disappointing that the School Improvement website persists in publishing their items. To post it as the first item even worse. When cuts are affecting the majority of schools then this reads as a politicaly motivated story by th DM and maybe even th S I site. Disappointed!

  3. Anonymous

    What a non -story. Teachers being creative and giving a real purpose to writing, should be applauded rather than Daily Mail making mischief.

  4. If this really did happen then I think it’s worth reporting. When my daughter was in Yr3 it happened at her school – but overnight. They trashed all the kids work and my daughter was really upset as she was very proud of a picture she had painted that had been damaged. The school didn’t let anyone know and it wasn’t until two days after that the school let on. When i complained, they were surprised as no-one else had! But they haven’t done it since and I think that’s right – it is upsetting for the children and wholly unnecessary! Schools should NOT do this!

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