Parents fury over plans to ban parking in streets around Midland schools

The Birmingham Mail is reporting that council bosses want to completely ban traffic from streets around Midland schools in a bid to stop parents parking illegally.

A pilot scheme would see car exclusion zones created around three primaries in Solihull, banning vehicles from driving in, out or through the area.

Large signs would be placed at the entrance of the zones, with cars banned between 8am to 9am and 2.30pm and 3.30pm every weekday.

Only those with permits, including residents, the disabled and emergency services, would be exempt.

If the scheme is approved, schools will be invited to apply to take part in the two-year pilot in June.

Three will be chosen to launch the initiative in September next year.

Tina Wiggin, of Solihull Council, said the idea came after it emerged some parents were dodging parking fines by blocking residents’ drives…

But parents arriving at Solihull’s Greswold Primary School in Buryfield Road today attacked the idea.

One mum, who would not be named, said: “This is really unfair on working parents.

“I have a very small time slot to get from work to my daughter’s school to pick her up.

“If I couldn’t park near the school I simply wouldn’t be able to get to her in time.

“If I had to pay to put in out of hours childcare I wouldn’t be able to work as it wouldn’t be worth it.”…

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  1. thiskidsthinkin

    It sounds like some of the parents are parking badly, blocking residents access and pavements, perhaps even emergency services. If that is the case, then action does need to be taken. I doubt if all the parents are badly pared, but I do recall times where I have scraped past badly parked cars with a pram! Only yesterday outside my daughters school a jeep took up almost the whole pavement when there was a free car park just across the road, almost empty, and another 400 yards on the same side of the road, that one is usually empty too! Perhaps the solution here is a purpose built car park for school cars only.

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