Parents’ fury as school sends out wrong GCSE results

Devastated students discovered they had been given the wrong GCSE results due to a “technical error” at Lea Manor High School on Thursday. This is from Luton Today

The Northwell Drive school sent letters out on Friday informing parents and students of the mistake and providing students with their correct results.

A furious father said his daughter was “deflated” and “very upset” after being told she had done worse than she thought in her exams.

The father, who does not wish to be named, said: “This is very, very serious. Students have been given grades for exams they didn’t even sit. This affects their A-levels, their plans for college – everything. Everybody’s results are wrong, and many cases worse than what they thought they had. The school is run by monkeys. They are complete idiots, there are always problems there and this just tops it all off.”

A spokesman for the school said they are still looking into how many students and subjects were affected, as the initial focus was on issuing the correct results.

Peter Clarke, deputy headteacher at Lea Manor High School, said: “We will be looking into how a system error led to some students receiving additional exam grades. The correct results have now been issued and on behalf of the school I would like to apologise to the students and families affected.”

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I cannot begin to imagine the feeling of being told you have actually done less well than you originally believed. Horrible. Your thoughts?

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    miconm SchoolsImprove you’d think people would notice if they got ‘results for exams they didn’t sit’ & not have to be told by the school!

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