Parents, can you spot a ‘toxic’ school? A headteacher writes …

Just to reassure you, there are not many toxic schools out there. However, it is undeniable that a few have an ethos where staff are worked to the bone, made to complete unnecessary tasks, and are not treated with respect. A headteacher writes in the Guardian.

Miserable and exhausted teachers are unlikely to be as effective as they could be. Teaching is tough but not every school seeks to improve conditions for staff. I wouldn’t want my children taught in such an environment, even if whipping their teachers leads to better GCSEs.

It also happens to headteachers. When Rob’s mum died, within six hours of her death his chair of governors had emailed three times wanting to know when he’d be back and whether he could finish the report he was writing by the next day.

By the time of his mum’s funeral a week later, the chair had phoned 17 times and sent 50 emails, not one offering condolences. It was the last straw after years in a toxic academy trust. Rob walked away from a school where he was dearly needed.

Does this matter to you? And if it does, what are the signs?

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Do you work in a ‘toxic’ school? Do you think your child attends one? With schools being chosen by catchment area what choice do parents really have? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin



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