Parents blast school that made homework optional for students because teachers ‘didn’t have time to mark it’ for creating a generation of ‘flunkers’

The Daily Mail reports that principal Catherine Hutley axed after-hours learning at Philip Morant School and College in Colchester, Essex, two years ago after complaining there wasn’t enough time for marking.

Homework was replaced with a voluntary system called Prove It+ where children, aged between 11 and 18, choose how much or little work they do after school.

 At the time Ms Hutley said she accepted the move was controversial but said she was ‘genuinely excited’ about the approach and was convinced students would benefit.

However two years on, concerned parents say students are either deliberately avoiding homework or are afraid to do after hours learning in case they are bullied for trying too hard.

Company director Tony Cheeld, whose son attends the school, said the optional system had created a ‘culture of failure’.

Parent, Bill Hayton, with two children at the school, has launched a Facebook page for worried mums and dads.

He said: ‘The school have this idea that they will create a generation of self-motivated people, but they might also create a generation of children who flunk their GCSEs.’

A spokesman said today: ‘The school has a robust home learning policy and an academic education paper on our approach which will be published shortly so that other schools and colleges can learn from our innovative approaches.’

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