Parents back head teacher after hate campaign

Parents have leapt to the defence of a school’s new head after she was subject to what is described as a ‘hate campaign’ from some anonymous parents after attempts at raising standards. This is from the Croydon Advertiser

New Selsdon Primary School head teacher Susan Papas has been subject to a hate campaign by a group of anonymous parents less than a month into the job. Other parents told the Advertiser she has their backing.

“The new head has only been here for a few weeks and things are already so much better,” said Sabrina Howes, 28, who now smokes across Addington Road after a ban on taking a drag outside the school gates.

“My little boy got a detention for doing one sentence in 20 minutes. I know he can do more than that.

“He hasn’t done it since because he knows if he doesn’t do his work, he’s staying in at lunchtime.

“He’s only seven, he’s probably a bit too young to understand, but it has worked.

“I didn’t realise how bad some of the parents were until all this came out.”

Trina Searle, 37, said: “The last head wasn’t approachable. He was always too busy and when you did catch him he was too scared to talk to you.

“Now if we have any problems we can raise it with the head directly.

“When you have a head teacher who is unapproachable then issues don’t get dealt with and classrooms are allowed to be disruptive then that’s inappropriate.

“Yes there are some parents who liked the way it used to be because they could get away with things, but most like the way it is now.

“[Ms Papas] has turned the school around in a short space of time and the children have respect for her.”

Toyah Backshall, 31, said: “I think it’s disgusting. They have been horrible to her. She’s turned around one school and so far she’s doing all right with this one. Some of the parents should lay off. She’s doing better compared to the old head teacher.”

Sue Lewis, 36, is a volunteer parent helper at the school.

“I heard there was negative posts on the blog but I like it,” she said.

“It’s good because nothing is being covered up. You can see everything.

“If your children aren’t happy – take them out of the school.

“All the staff who are in the school at the moment are brilliant. They work so hard. Walk through it and you can see how much more calmer and happier the school is. It’s fantastic. I can’t fault them.”

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We know about the issue of cyberbullying against students, but is it going to become more and more of an issue for teaching staff and school leaders too? Tell us what you think and how best to respond (and has this school shown a good lead in getting supportive parents to go on the record with the local media to give the other side of the story?)…

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  1. laralexus

    SchoolsImprove love that she managed to ban smoking on the school gate. Public footpath they use to tell my ex head… He did nothing!

  2. rrunsworth

    SchoolsImprove Hope the GB is backing Susan Papas, she’s sounds like a wonderful head. Setting high aspirations is key.

  3. 5N_Afzal

    Everyone is allowed to disagree but the fact that they are not willing to come out into the open & discuss says a lot! Sometimes bad behaviour of children is down to their parents. I hope she gets the support she needs to turn the school around from parents, staff and GB.

  4. BehaviourA

    rrunsworth SchoolsImprove High aspirations key for some, but coping with constant failure overwhelms others. Individualised approach key.

  5. parentinvolve

    SchoolsImprove this is why it is so important to take ALL parents with you when there is big change – not just the ones who shout loudest

  6. rrunsworth

    BehaviourA SchoolsImprove Naturally, high aspirations relative, what’s high for one may not be for another but still high! 🙂

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