Parents are five times more likely to be in tears on their child’s first day

The Mail is reporting that parents are five times more likely than their offspring to cry when arriving at the school gate for the first time, according to a survey…

More than half felt ‘overwhelmingly emotional’ when dropping their child off at the school gate for the first time. And three quarters of the 2,000 parents polled felt it was the end of an era.

The survey found 44 per cent considered having another baby when their first-born went off to school.

Nearly half of parents pine for their child’s company, and a third even miss the constant background noise…

The research revealed many mothers feel bereft at the thought of their child starting school.

Seeing your child in their school uniform on the first day of school is a milestone for parents – a moment when 84 per cent felt their baby had grown-up.

According to the findings, 64 per cent of parents said that taking their child to the school gates for the first time made them realise how fast the early years had flown by.

Seven in 10 said that they felt their child had grown up too quickly…

The research also showed that once their child started school, over half of parents could identify a change in their child’s cuddle, with 46 per cent of children not wanting a cuddle in front of their friends…

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No real surprises here I guess but do schools ever give consideration to the issues faced by parents when their children start school? Or is it just a rite of passage for them too? 


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    SallyHoward3 SchoolsImprove Not my mother, trust me. Great lady, but she couldn’t wait for me to start school and return to school

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