Oxfordshire parents win right to prayer-free school assembly

Two parents who challenged compulsory religious worship in school assembly have won the right for a secular alternative for their children.  The Guardian reports.

A Church of England multi-academy has said it will provide an alternative assembly for pupils withdrawn from prayers, it was confirmed on Wednesday.

The Oxford Diocesan Schools Trust said it had also agreed the school will no longer hold its school leavers’ ceremony in church or give bibles to all children.

Humanists UK, which has backed the Harris family, said the decision marked a “significant win” in ensuring that schools did not force religious worship on all children.

Lee and Lizanne Harris said: “Ultimately, we took this case to ensure our children receive an inclusive education without the indoctrination of one enforced religion. We believe this isn’t just the right of our children, but all children. The defendant’s reluctance to take this to court in our view shows the growing fragility of this outdated law and those who choose to enforce it.

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Many schools already have non-religious assemblies. But could this  happen in your school? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin


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