Over 100 Scottish schools running ‘combined’ classes with pupils doing different exams

Hundreds of pupils in Scottish schools are being taught in combined classes where at least three different qualifications are being taught by the same teacher at the same time. iNews reports

More than 100 schools are running classes where pupils are studying for three different exams, according to Freedom of Information requests to all 32 of the nation’s local councils.

The data shows that a further 11 Scottish schools are squeezing four separate qualifications into a single lesson, with pupils in different years on different courses being taught by the same teacher.

Examples include a class at Inverclyde Academy in Greenock where pupils are being taught four different levels of maths simultaneously, at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

Last month Scotland’s largest teaching union, the EIS, said the “explosion” in multi-level classes was one of the biggest concerns being voiced by secondary teachers.

“A lot of it is workload but a lot of it is surrounding the manageability of the class and the fact that, by and large, it is a poor experience for all of the students in the classroom,” general secretary Larry Flanagan told MSPs on the Education Committee.

Tess Watson of the Association for Science Education said multi-level classes were like “spinning two plates at one time”, calling for more teachers to be recruited.

The figures, obtained by the Scottish Conservatives, were raised by party leader Ruth Davidson during First Minister’s Questions on Thursday.

“It’s unfair on the children who have to compete for the teacher’s attention, and unfair on teachers who have to conduct up to four different lessons all at the same time,” she added.

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