Our schools need clearer guidelines on new data protection rules.

You may have been sick of getting GDPR emails in your inbox, but for Sheffield schools the headache of data protection changes shows no signs of abating. The Sheffield Telegraph reports.

Several teachers I know still have very little clue what the new GDPR changes actually mean, which is worrying because parents – and in some cases children – can now flag up breaches which could potentially result in a sizable fine.

Some schools I have been in recently are fully aware of the impact on schools and they are implementing it to the very finest point of the legislation.

Every single photograph of children around school had been taken down when I went to attend a meeting, all lists with children’s names on had been removed and files containing data had been encrypted.

Other schools I have been in are lagging behind on the subject, not through an irreverence for the law but because they are smaller schools with less of a technical team and a genuine lack of understanding about what they need to do.

There are lots of grey areas, lots of disagreements between how far schools have to go to ensure they are compliant with the new law.

Does this mean that PE teachers can no longer pin up a team sheet for Saturday’s rugby match?

But it’s the grey areas that need addressing, the extent to which we have to protect our classrooms and the level to which our files – and which files – need encrypting. Because the truth is that many teachers still do not know all they should about enforcing the new GDPR changes.

The different ways the GDPR change has been dealt with among our schools is something which needs addressing because sooner or later a headteacher is going to have a visit from a data protection officer and the meeting will not go well.

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