‘Our future is debated by people who’ve never taught’

Those long-gone days of Govean high drama seem like indulgent banquets of roasted swans and plover, followed by Escoffier-inspired desserts, compared with these limp vegan salad days of diet and drift. Irrespective of what teachers thought of Mr Gove, at least we knew that schools were the mains on the government’s menu. A deputy head writes in Tes

Now we are the policy equivalent of a doggy bag: the leftover scraps that will get defrosted and microwaved sometime in the future, perhaps during the inevitable Brexit hangover.

The profession is like a class at the end of term: everyone has run out of ideas. Each VHS about funding or workload has thinned from overuse. All are bored and want something new to happen. Each union contributes to a cacophony of noise – all negative, never positive – and there is no clear, constructive voice wanting to lead and learn. Whatever current minister is in charge looks out of the window, wanting to be elsewhere: the Treasury, the Home Office. God, even DfID

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