Opposition MPs join forces to oppose grammar schools

BBC News reports that a powerful new cross-party campaign is threatening to derail Theresa May’s plans to expand the number of grammar schools in England.

Former Conservative Education Secretary Nicky Morgan is joining forces with Lib Dem ex-Deputy PM Nick Clegg and Labour ex-shadow education minister Lucy Powell to oppose the proposals.

Mrs Morgan says the priority should be to make all schools good.

But Mrs May says her “personal mission” is to increase diversity in schools.

In a joint article in the Observer, Mrs Morgan, Mr Clegg and Ms Powell argue that creating new grammar schools will do nothing to promote social mobility – and warn there is no room for more “division or political ideology” in the education system.

“We must rise to the challenge with a new national mission to boost education and social mobility for all,” they write.

“That’s why we are putting aside what we disagree on, to come together and to build a cross-party consensus in favour of what works for our children, and not what sounds good to politicians.”

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