One idea to solve the stand-off between parents and schools

Oliver Duff, editor at i News thinks he might have a solution to term time holidays.

Plenty of harrumphing after the Supreme Court’s ruling against parents removing their children from school during term-time, to go on cheaper family holidays.

Clearly children can benefit from holiday, and especially from interesting holidays, and some kids suffer less than others from being taken out of school for a week or two. (Although a school’s Ofsted rating doesn’t discriminate on that point. And it can be a huge disruption to teachers and thus classmates.)

My parents cared fiercely about education: they drilled a work ethic into me and my brothers, to try to use our schooling to better our life chances. I’m not unsympathetic to the argument that schools need to be able to consistently apply their rules.

But maybe those who are so quick to denounce parents keen to avoid a four-times mark-up on their family holiday haven’t tried the pleasures of a caravan in a British car park. Perhaps they could retire there, for a period of seven days or so, with three children under the age of six. 

Affordable breaks during the school holidays are a distant dream for plenty of families.

One solution would be for schools to start staggering their terms a little more.

Do this region by region and you’d prevent parents with kids at different schools from having diary clashes.

Make May half-term longer, this is already practised by some local authorities and notably by private schools. The Department for Education is receptive to the idea.

Oh, and nick a week from the Easter break and bolt it on to May half-term, when the Med is warming up. This would also benefit teachers, not renowned for their spectacular earning power.

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Would staggering terms work or will the travel industry just raise its prices for longer periods? Please tell us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter ~ Tamsin

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