Ofsted’s EIF, equality and diversity

The Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF) came into effect in September promising to advance equality of opportunity for all learners. Dawn Jotham considers what the EIF means in the context of equality and diversity in SecEd.

The new framework now requires inspectors to assess how far schools are compliant with equalities legislation, but also responds to the fact that relationships and sex education (RSE) is to be made mandatory from September 2020.

And why do equality and diversity matter? According to government figures, ethnic minorities make up 13 per cent of the UK population (figure from August 2018), while around 13.3 million people have reported a disability, making up approximately 21 per cent of the population (figures from 2015/16 Family Resources Survey).

While the Ofsted framework will apply to both primary and secondary schools, it is important to note the nuances in how the educational performances of different pupils can vary between stages and phases of education. For example, some racial groups perform well academically at primary school, but less so at secondary school.

Read the full article and find out how the EIF will affect your next inspection and what steps your school can take to improve Ofsted’s EIF, equality and diversity 

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