Ofsted warns against ‘extremely disruptive’ tablets in school

The TES is reporting that Ofsted has warned that bringing tablet computers into school can be “extremely disruptive”

An Ofsted survey, carried out during school inspections, reveals that 30 per cent of secondaries now operate a so-called “bring your own device” policy. But the inspectorate takes a hard line on the use of such technology in lessons, and has called on headteachers to adopt a similar approach.

“Pupils bringing personal devices such as laptops or tablets into school can be extremely disruptive and make it difficult for teachers to teach,” an Ofsted spokesperson told TES.

“It is up to schools to decide whether they have rules about personal devices, but Ofsted would be supportive of heads who took tough action to make the learning environment better for children.”

The statement comes at a time when the government is reviewing the impact that mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, have on behaviour in the classroom.

Schools minister Nick Gibb recently expanded the remit of the government’s behaviour tsar Tom Bennett to look at the effect that mobile devices have on behaviour in lessons…

More at Ofsted warns against ‘extremely disruptive’ tablets in school


I’m a huge fan of technology but surely having children able to access devices – especially their own devices – in lessons is a disaster waiting to happen?

What do you think? Time to leave tablets out of lessons? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


Time to ban BYOD tablets from lessons?

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  1. MadgeJesss

    SchoolsImprove It’s bad enough when adults bring phones into training courses, and they are supposed to be grown up and less distractible.

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Tech can be brilliant when used in context but often used for sake of it. Not up to Ofsted to decide which is which though

  3. neilayates

    MadgeJesss SchoolsImprove As a tutor of adult courses I find it the height of discourtesy. My course is more important than your Snapchat!

  4. Tablets are part of the modern world – they will be as ubiquitous as pens and notepads.  Used responsibly they are an asset.  It’s up to each school to decide its own policy.   Sir M said Ofsted wouldn’t insist on particular ways of teaching – that was a myth he wanted to debunk.  But these instructions contradict this statement.

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