Ofsted to restrict ‘dawn-raid’ inspections on schools

The Times is reporting that Sir Michael Wilshaw has confirmed that the use of no-notice inspections will not become the norm because there are too many “logistical drawbacks” in doing so…

The report claims the the power will be reserved mainly for cases where schools are suspected of teaching a narrow curriculum that fails to prepare pupils for modern Britain.

The current wave of 35 no-notice inspections has resulted in 23 being downgraded but Sir Michael has apparently told Nicky Morgan this confirms Ofsted already has the “regional intelligence” on schools causing concern and the “appropriate powers” to use no-notice inspections when needed.

He is quoted as saying

“Nevertheless, inspectors reported that there were logistical drawbacks to inspecting without notice because of difficulties in effectively engaging with school leaders, governors and parents…

“This view is consistent with Ofsted’s previous consultations on the use of no-notice inspection and supports my decision that we should not move to routine no-notice inspections for all schools.”

More at: Ofsted to restrict ‘dawn-raid’ inspections on schools (subscription may be required)


So has the situation about the use on no-notice inspections been satisfactorily clarified now or are you still confused about when they might be used? And does it make any difference compared with, say, half a day’s notice in a normal inspection? 


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I’ve never had an issue with “dawn raid inspections”. A school should function effectively whether SLT are there or not

  2. daveiddo

    SchoolsImprove Apparently they are also planning to reduce the number of kittens they drown, due to a plastic bag shortage….

  3. acet2001

    SchoolsImprove Incredibly arrogant of OFSTED to think they can judge a school in 2 days. I’d prefer a full 5 days, much more meaningful.

  4. cherrylkd

    DeputyMitchell SchoolsImprove Really? Ta. Good news tho. I don’t mind them but he’s right, it’s logistics of getting right people there

  5. DeputyMitchell

    cherrylkd SchoolsImprove Well it’s about getting things right and a fair process leading to a fair judgement. No one can argue with that.

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