Ofsted to manage early years inspections directly

The TES is reporting that Ofsted has announced it is to manage its own early years inspections directly from April 2017, when existing contracts run out.

At the moment, two external companies, Tribal and Prospects, undertake early years inspections on Ofsted’s behalf. Their contracts will run until 31 March 2017.

About 300 inspectors will be affected by the change.

Ofsted has said that bringing early years inspections under direct management means that the inspectorate will have full control over the selection, training and management of inspectors, as well as over the quality of inspections.

Nick Jackson, director of corporate services at Ofsted, said: “We have decided that early years inspection should be brought in line with schools and further education and skills, with Ofsted directly managing all inspections…”

Unison, the union representing early years inspectors, has welcomed the latest announcement. Dave Prentis, the union’s general secretary, said that bringing the inspections in-house “will improve the consistency, quality and accountability of the early years inspection”…

More at: Ofsted to manage early years inspections directly


More on this directly from Ofsted at: Ofsted to directly manage early years inspections


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  1. TW

    None of these Ofsted inspections should have been outsourced in the first place.  Ofsted should be apologising for all the ridiculous judgements made by these private sector incompetents and paying damages to the staff who had their careers ruined because of them.

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