Ofsted to launch Trip Advisor-style website for students to rate quality of courses and teaching

Teenagers will able to shop substandard colleges to Ofsted under new plans to create a Trip Advisor-style website for students, it is announced today. For the first time, hundreds of thousands of young people will be able to rate institutions for the quality of teaching and whether courses are preparing them for the demands of university or the workplace. This is from the Telegraph…

The information will be used by the education watchdog as part of the official inspections process and could lead to colleges or training providers being marked down.

But the move is likely to prove hugely controversial among unions who have attacked the introduction of a similar website set up to allow parents to rate schools.

All students using the new-style “Learner View” site will remain completely anonymous, prompting claims that it will be open to malicious comments from teenagers with an axe to grind.

But Ofsted insisted that “robust measures” were in place to guard against inappropriate use, including a requirement to provide an email address before logging on.

Matthew Coffey, national director of learning and skills, said: “This information will inform inspectors’ decisions about whether courses are effective in leading learners in the right direction either to employment or further study.”

The website – being launched on Monday – will cover further education colleges, work-based apprenticeships and other training providers. School sixth-forms will not be covered by the system.

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