Ofsted tells its inspectors to smarten up

The TES is reporting that  Ofsted has called on its own staff to “uphold the highest standards” when it comes to their choice of clothing.

The schools watchdog has issued a missive spelling out the need for all of its employees, particularly inspectors, to dress “appropriately” when representing the organisation.

According to the memo seen by TES, inspectors could undermine their professionalism “if, for example, you are a woman wearing oversized jewellery or a man wearing an earring or earrings”…

But some headteachers believe that Ofsted would be better suited focusing on its main priorities, such as improving the quality of its inspections.

Geoff Barton, head of King Edward VI School in Suffolk, said: “While it’s good to see Ofsted paying attention to detail, many of us would like to see the same obsession with correctness being applied to their inspection judgements.”

See more on this in the 8 January edition of TES

More at Ofsted tells its inspectors to smarten up


Is Ofsted right to be paying attention to the dress standards of inspectors?  

Would you think any differently of them if they turned up, for example, scruffy?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter… 

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  1. TW

    Good to know Ofsted has eliminated the vast flaws in its operations and inspections and is now free to address matters it is better qualified to pronounce upon.

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