Ofsted ratings ‘not key factor’ when parents choose schools

The TES is reporting the results of a new survey that found the most important factors for parents when choosing a school for their child were the school’s approach to education and how supportive the school was to its students.

Only a tiny minority of parents say that Ofsted ratings were the most important factor when choosing their child’s school, a survey of more than 1,000 parents carried out by TES and Mumsnet has found.

For parents choosing a primary school, the most important factor was how “warm, friendly and supportive” it was, cited by 40 per cent of parents. At secondary, the school’s approach to education was top of the list of considerations, cited by 20 per cent of respondents.

At primary, just 4 per cent said “Ofsted rating” was the most important consideration; at secondary that figure dropped to 2 per cent….

Ann Mroz, digital publishing director and TES editor, said: “This survey’s findings are fascinating and give us a very real insight into the way parents choose schools – and it shows that basically what parents want is a warm school, with caring and engaged teachers who want to look after and educate their children. Teachers and heads will be pleased to hear that.”

More at: Ofsted ratings not key to how parents pick schools, finds survey

What do you think? Do we overestimate the importance of Ofsted reports? Do you think parents pay much attention to them? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. Britinfloridaus

    Then why does almost every parent during their admission appeal mention Ofsted reports for schools?

  2. ranty_man

    Mr_Chas SchoolsImprove what a crock of shit. Mumsnet is the Labour Party for women who breast feed their teenagers

  3. gov2

    Britinfloridaus  Because they mention anything and everything they can think of?  Just as any sane person would.  Obviously.

  4. gov2

    ranty_man  They must be wrong about what they want then.  Thanks for your considered and detailed input.  Did mummy not like you?

  5. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Ofsted’s existence is becoming less relevant despite now moving in the right direction. Woodhead & Wilshaw have destroyed it

  6. Was the survey properly conducted and weighted?  If it relied on people choosing to do the survey, then it could suffer from self-selection bias.  A self-selected listener opinion poll, aka SLOP, can’t be taken seriously.

  7. northernteacher

    Parents want their children to be happy and well looked after. If the school has the right ‘feel’ to it, the children will enjoy it and they will naturally learn.  Ofted can’t create graphs out of this data, so aren’t interested.

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