Ofsted: more than 100 schools not inspected for almost a decade

The TES is reporting that more than 100 schools have not had a full Ofsted inspection for almost a decade…

According to official data from the inspectorate, 115 schools last underwent a full inspection in 2006. And more than 600 outstanding schools have not been visited by inspectors for seven years or more.

Since 2012, schools rated outstanding by the watchdog have been exempt from routine inspection. Former education secretary Michael Gove said the move would free the best schools from the “burden” of inspection.

But school leaders said the new figures were cause for concern and warned that leaving schools for too long without outside assessment put standards at risk…

To read the full story get the 27 February edition of TES…

More at: Ofsted: more than 100 schools not inspected for almost a decade


It would be interesting to know how these schools are graded when they are next visited and whether they tend to stay at the top of their game or slip once away from the imminent threat of inspection. Your thoughts? 


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Let’s hope they are still “outstanding” or Gove, DfE, Wilshaw and Ofsted in general will look a bit silly #guttedforthem

  2. MadgeJesss

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove In our school we didn’t have a haircut rule and senior management never had to waste time policing one.

  3. andylutwyche

    MadgeJesss SchoolsImprove There you go; but if you have gone to the trouble of making one then stick to it consistently

  4. MadgeJesss

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove well quite. rod for own back. teenage hairstyles nothing new – in 50s it was teddy boy styles, 60s beatle etc

  5. Janet2

    Outstanding judgement can’t last for ever.  Schools change, heads change, teachers change, the cohort changes.  And Ofsted goalposts change.

    If we have to have an inspectorate, then judgements should lapse after, say, five years.  Schools with lapsed judgements should be labelled ‘awaiting inspection’.  And the should be inspected quickly.

  6. DisIdealist

    SchoolsImprove Sue_Cowley lucky buggers. If it turns out the schools are doing fine, should ofsted stop inspecting everyone else, too? U0001f609

  7. Sue_Cowley

    DisIdealist I was in one of these schools a while back, I was really shocked when they told me they had been left alone that long.

  8. DisIdealist

    Sue_Cowley But how could they “maintain standards” without being regularly told what to do by ofsted? Surely they weren’t professionals?

  9. heleneast77

    SchoolsImprove Sue_Cowley I’m in one of those schools and we are in constant expectation! Now preparing for a Mocksted!

  10. DonnaHebblethwa

    SchoolsImprove And what’s the point when they know OSTED are coming? They dash around the day before getting things into place.

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