Ofsted chief tells teachers they have to ‘go the extra mile’ to earn pay rises

Teachers who are ‘out the gate at 3 o’clock’ will miss out on pay rises, the head of Ofsted said last night. This is from the Daily Mail after comments first appeared in The Times…

Sir Michael Wilshaw, England’s chief inspector of schools, said he believed teachers should be rewarded if they ‘go the extra mile’ for pupils by staying on after class, especially when working in deprived areas.

But furious teachers’ leaders last night accused him of waging war on their profession, as time outside lessons spent preparing and marking work meant many teachers already work long hours.

The incendiary comments come as thousands of trade union members  prepare to stage a work to rule in school. Several unions have made plans to disrupt school life by boycotting all meetings outside official hours to protest about workloads while facing cuts to pay and pensions .

Sir Michael told The Times that schools appear to reward staff regardless of their performance or their commitment to pupils.

‘In last year’s [annual] report, we said that 40 per cent of lessons overall were not good enough. And yet everyone is getting a pay rise. Hey! Something is wrong with the system,’ he said. Schools should be more selective in giving teachers pay rises, he said. ‘It will mean some will get pay rises, some won’t.’

‘As a head, I would make it clear that if you teach well or try to teach well, if you work hard and go the extra mile, you are going to get paid well. You are going to be promoted. Somebody who is out the gate at  3 o’clock in the afternoon is not.’

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