Ofsted chief inspector Amanda Spielman received ‘venomous’ abuse after questioning faith schools

The Independent Amanda Spielman said she had been the victim of some “pretty venomous stuff”, receiving “nasty tweets” and threatening emails from what she believed to be a “mixture of Islamic extremists and the hard left”.

“I’m not easily bruised. I don’t fall over when I see a load of nasty tweets pointed at me, but there has been some pretty venomous stuff,” she told The Times.

Despite the backlash – which also reportedly involved extra security being drafted in for one of Ofsted’s regional offices, after inspectors were sent extreme Islamic literature – Ms Spielman has vowed not to be frightened into staying quiet.

Warning that there are some children in the UK for whom British values are “meaningless”, she added: “If we let ourselves be intimidated out of discussing these issues, it’s children who will suffer.”

Her report said schools were “deliberately choosing” not to meet standards, due to the tensions between legal requirements and community expectations.

She also said current powers were “inadequate” to tackle unregistered schools, which were being set up to avoid teaching in accordance with the law.

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