Numeracy level falls across Scottish schools, survey shows

The BBC is reporting that the number of primary school pupils in Scotland doing well in maths has dropped, according to official figures…

The figures were revealed in a Scottish government survey of numeracy in Scottish schools.

Data showed the percentage of P4 pupils performing well or very well dropped from 76% in 2011 to 69% last year.

The government said it will make an extra £1m available to fund numeracy hubs, to help share good practice.

This is the second comparable National Numeracy Survey.

A total of 10,561 pupils across Scotland in P4, P7 and the second year of secondary school took part.

The proportion of P7 pupils doing well or very well fell from 72% in 2011 to 66% in 2013.

Because this is only the second set of figures, statisticians would caution against drawing a trend. However the drop in the numbers doing well or very well is still likely to raise some concern.

The report’s figures also draw attention to the continuing challenge of falling achievement once pupils move to secondary school. In both surveys 42% of S2 pupils were performing well or very well.

The survey also suggested a significant drop in the number of children from the most deprived background in P4 performing well or or very well – down from 70% in 2011 to 61% in 2013…

The funding for numeracy hubs will be increased by £1.02m over three years to a total of £1.2m, to allow creation of additional hubs and the expansion of the current six…

The numeracy hubs work in a variety of ways to train teachers in new techniques around maths and to share best practice between local authorities.

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Your reaction to this news? Do they reinforce what you see in Scotland – would you say they are issues with declining standards – or do you think it is more likely an issue with the survey? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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