Numbers of teachers coming to Scotland from EU has ‘fallen off a cliff’

The number of teachers applying to teach in Scotland from the EU has plummeted this year, Holyrood can reveal.

Figures from the General Teaching Council of Scotland (GTCS) for 2018 show a sudden drop in applicants from overseas, with a marked decrease in the number from EU countries.

Only 14 EU teachers applied for GTCS registration up until June 30 in 2018, which the regulator says is a dramatic drop from previous years. Previous years had seen the number of registrants from the EU rise, with 128 in 2015, 159 in 2016 and 186 in 2017.

GTCS chief executive Ken Muir told Holyrood he thought Brexit had been the leading factor.

“Having maintained numbers pretty high from the EU, they are falling off a cliff, and that’s absolutely down to Brexit,” he said.

“Particularly from three countries in the EU, Greece, Poland and Spain, we get a good number of applicants, followed by the Republic of Ireland it has to be said – those four are our big hitters, and those numbers have dwindled to next to nothing.”

Scotland is experiencing teacher shortages, with around 700 vacancies reported at the start of the year and a growing shortage in certain subjects at secondary, particularly in rural areas.

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