Number of students from deprived areas off to university hits high

The Guardian, in its analysis of the latest Ucas figures, is reporting that record numbers of students from deprived areas are winning places at British universities…

…Students living in areas with historically low rates of entry to higher education – which frequently coincide with low income – have been applying to higher education in greater numbers this year, according to the figures.

The areas of lowest participation have seen an 8% increase this year compared with last, while next-lowest areas have seen a 4% rise. The net effect is that around 6,500 more students from those areas will be going to university compared with four years ago – despite the near-trebling of tuition fees in England over that period.

In contrast, there has been a slight dip in the number of places filled by students from better-off regions of the UK, down by 1% this year. The combined effect means that students from better-off areas are still two-and-a-half times more likely to attend university than those from the lowest participation areas – but a steep improvement from 2012, when they were more than three times more likely.

Students from areas of Wales with the lowest historical rates of higher education have been accepted to university in greater numbers than elsewhere, with a 14% increase this year. In 2010, just 800 students from areas such as Neath Port Talbot or Caerphilly attended university, while this year the number will pass 1,000 for the first time.

Wales also saw an increase in the number of students winning places at Oxford University for the first time in four years, with 86 offers. Huw Lewis, the education minister, attributed part of the improvement to the efforts of Paul Murphy, the Labour MP for Torfaen, as “Oxbridge ambassador” for Wales…

More at: Number of women and students from deprived areas off to university hit high


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  1. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove I worry that this seems to be the happy end of the story. Social mobility or destabilisation.

  2. Trudgeteacher

    VictoriaJaquiss SchoolsImprove v simplistic or are we really pretending going to a ‘good’ uni = high status job? Stinks of tired class sys

  3. ashokkp

    SchoolsImprove Useful post for us engaged in educating kids from economically and socially disadvantaged groups.

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