Number of GCSE awards drops 17 per cent

The TES is reporting that new figures from Ofqual show the number of GCSEs awarded in England, Wales and Northern Ireland has fallen by almost a fifth.

A report published by the regulator today says the number of GCSE certificates dropped by 17 per cent in 2013-14 compared with the previous year, from 6.4 million to 5.3 million.

It said the drop had been caused by the replacement of modular exams with final tests taken at the end of the GCSE course, and a change to school performance tables that penalises schools for entering pupils early for GCSEs, allowing them to resit the tests later to improve their grade.

Alongside the drop in GCSE entries there was a huge rise of more than 150 per cent in the number of pupils taking IGCSE English, from 51,100 in 2012-13 to 129,900 in 2013-14…

The Ofqual report says all of the main schools exam boards had seen drops in the number of GCSE certificates they issued, but that Pearson, which runs the Edexcel board, had seen the largest drop at 19 per cent. OCR had seen a fall of 16 per cent, compared with 10 per cent at AQA and 2 per cent at WJEC.

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Read or download the statistical release:

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Do the explanations given here make sense compared with what you are seeing on the ground?

What do you see as the main significance of the drop in overall awards?

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The number of GCSE awards is down 17% - cause for concern or sensible adjustment

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