Number of FTSE 100 CEOs educated at comprehensive schools equals number from private schools

The FT is reporting that a survey published next week by the Sutton Trust shows that the number of chief executives in FTSE 100 companies that were educated at comprehensive schools has caught up with those educated at private schools.

The paper says the Sutton Trust’s 2015 Leading People survey, published next Wednesday, now puts the number of comprehensive educated chief executives  neck and neck with those from private school backgrounds, and for the first time overtaking those with a grammar school background.

However, when taking into account that only 7% of children in the UK go to fee paying schools, and 82% attend comprehensive school, those with private school backgrounds are still hugely over represented in top corporate positions.

The Sutton Trust found that employers, subconsciously, often had a tendency to recruit people who showed similarities to themselves. It also highlighted that soft skills, such as personal confidence, could result in those privately educated achieving earlier recognition. 

Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust, is quoted

“your chances of reaching the top in business are still dependent on your background. There are economic and cultural benefits to opening our top jobs to a more diverse talent pool”

“We need better access to good schools and top universities for young people from low and middle income homes as well as renewed efforts by companies to improve their recruitment practices. We are working with leading firms in the City to change that mindset, but it will require concerted efforts if we are radically to improve social mobility at the top.”

More at: Comprehensive schools catch up with private in CEO count


So a move towards state-educated CEOs amongst are top companies but the odds are still heavily stacked in favour of those going through the independent system.

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove There are a lot of people spending a lot of money on “research” in to this sort of thing; is this really money well spent?

  2. wasateacher

    Perhaps the high proportion of privately educated ceos is the reason that companies such as Royal Mail and Ofsted feel the need to look overseas.  The old boys’ club in senior management is seriously damaging our ability to compete in the modern world.

  3. acet2001

    SchoolsImprove which given the %s involved is a disgrace. Shouldn’t be anywhere near equal. Not a cause to celebrate.

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