Now schoolchildren are to be taught how to treat knife wounds: New first aid classes are planned amid soaring numbers of teens stabbed

Children are taught first aid and how to speak to emergency services following a stabbing in lessons arranged by charity StreetDoctors. In sessions lasting up to an hour and a half the pupils use visual props to explain the science behind blood loss and how to apply pressure to a wound, the charity says.  The Daily Mail reports.

Youngsters also take part in role play scenarios to prepare for a crisis, amid an ongoing political battle over the causes of rising violent crime.  

It also teaches young people how to treat unconscious people by putting them in the recovery position and delivering chest compressions if they have stopped breathing.   

In recent days the charity’s volunteers have worked with children in Wolverhampton and south London to deliver the lessons. 

StreetDoctors said they had taught 4,000 young people last year and were aiming to reach more in 2019.  

In one scheme the charity has partnered with Norfolk’s police and crime commissioner to educate young people about knife crime. 

The charity said when the partnership was launched last year that it wanted to ‘equip young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to act in a medical emergency’.  

Theresa May has faced a backlash over her claim that there was no direct link with cuts in police numbers. The PM was branded ‘delusional’ after denying a connection between violent crime and cuts to police numbers dating back to when she was Home Secretary.  

Britain’s most senior police officer Cressida Dick insisted there was is ‘obviously’ a connection between reductions in officer numbers and street violence.

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