Now concerns raised over grading of GCSE science exams as it emerges boundaries were also lowered

Fresh concern over the grading of this year’s GCSE exams have emerged after as it was revealed grade boundaries in science had also been changed at the last moment. In this case, the pass marks for A*, A, B and C grades in chemistry and biology at AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance), the biggest exam board, were lowered between the January and June sitting. This is from the Independent…

Those who took it in the winter were awarded lower grades for the same marks as those taking it in June and less than one per cent of biology candidates achieved an A* grade in January compared with more than 10 per cent in June.

In chemistry the respective figures were two and 12per cent.

However, an analysis of the results reveals the effects were mixed – with  the lowering of the C grade in biology followed by fewer candidates achieving it.

AQA pointed out it was not the only board to change grade boundaries – similar changes occurred at the OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts) exam board with some grade boundaries being raised and others lowered.

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