Outstanding to inadequate primary school row continues

The BBC is reporting that a Nottinghamshire Catholic school which went from outstanding to inadequate is facing renewed criticism after its trust met parents…

Earlier this year, the head teacher and board of governors of St Edmund Campion Primary School in West Bridgford, were removed…

The school had been one of the top performing primary schools in the country and last summer’s Sats exams, the 405-pupil school had a 100% attainment in reading, writing and maths.

Head Dorothy Longley left in January and governors were removed weeks later.

An Ofsted inspection in February, which was published last month, rated it as “inadequate, with serious weaknesses”, especially in leadership and management.

Since problems emerged, parents had often complained they were met with a “wall of silence”.

A first meeting by the trust with parents was held on Wednesday night but left some unimpressed.

A BBC reporter at the scene said some parents felt the situation was “as clear as mud”.

Gail Neill, Director of Education for the Catholic Diocesan education service for Nottingham, which looks after all Catholic schools across the county, insisted they has to respect confidentiality.

“There are two separate issues here which people are becoming very confused about,” she said.

“One is that the head teacher did go absent from the school in January – that is a matter which is confidential and we can’t discuss.

“The other is the outcome of the Ofsted inspection.

“They are two separate things and I know it is difficult for people to separate them because it is about the same school community.”…

More at: Nottingham’s St Edmund Campion school row continues

Aside from the specific issues here, how should a school handle communications when issues arise affecting staff members – especially perhaps a head teacher – which are potentially confidential. How much right do parents have to know what is going on if their children are affected? How does a school get the balance right? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…

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    “SchoolsImprove: 5th most read this wk – Outstanding to inadequate primary school row continues” How accurate is this new judgement?

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