Nottingham: City where the majority of schools are classed as failing by Ofsted

More today from Nottingham where the Independent is now reporting that the “blitzkrieg” of Ofsted inspections has left the majority of the city’s secondary schools in danger of being labelled inadequate and has been condemned as “crass and crude” by local politicians…

Six of Nottingham’s nine secondary schools are understood to have been placed in “special measures” – the education watchdog’s jargon for schools that are considered to be failing.

The condemnation is one of the harshest verdicts that Ofsted has made on an education authority’s schools.

Graham Allen, MP for Nottingham North, claimed the inspectorate had mounted a “blitzkrieg” on the schools which had left dedicated teachers demoralised.

Mr Allen accused Ofsted inspectors of being “disrespectful” and said the inspections had been “as crass and crude as a Friday night-fuelled alcohol binge”.

He said he had learnt about the inspections in an email sent a few weeks after he and the headteachers of the schools had visited Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, to discuss ways of improving their performance. The email said the inspections aimed to find why secondary school pupils in Nottingham had “consistently underperformed” for several years compared with those in the rest of the East Midlands and nationally.

Mr Allen said it had been known for years that the schools had underperformed – but one of them, Bulwell, had improved its exam performance this year. What was needed, he argued, was for dedicated teachers to be supported, not demonised.

Some of the schools deemed to be failing have become academies under the Government’s flagship programme. Eight of the city’s secondary schools are understood to have been inspected.

Mr Allen said of the inspection process: “It is demoralising for incredibly hard-working staff and pupils who deserve better. My schools take pupils well below the national average on entry but are expected to be measured and compete on a level playing field with schools in leafy suburbs nationwide.”

…A spokeswoman for Ofsted said: “Ofsted carried out a series of inspections of secondary schools in Nottingham as we had concerns about the poor attainment of pupils.

“We recognise the challenges the city faces. Our Unseen Children report, published in June, identifies clearly the need for greater support for disadvantaged children to ensure all children regardless of their background receive a good education.”…

More at:  Nottingham: City where the majority of schools are classed as failing by Ofsted

Are these Ofsted inspection blitzes out of order are they what is required in areas where there is an apparent inability to help children achieve the expected levels of attainment? Please give us your thoughts in the comments or on twitter… 

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Ofsted will have made their judgements based upon old data, finalising them before they’d arrived. Ofsted are toxic

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I was speaking to someone who stumbled across lead insp’s open file at beginning of visit. Judgement had already been made

  3. VictoriaJaquiss

    There is more to life than exam results and academic success. Parents are obliged to send their children to school, and the least they can expect is that the school will take care of all their needs – social, personal, academic, sporting, creative, whatever. Children should not be asked to jump through the same hoops. They have different needs and different abilities.
    Ofsetd, whatever its original purpose, is now a thoroughly nasty instrument of the government, keeping us all of in a state of terror.

  4. rob_kelsall

    SchoolsImprove No doubt the phone lines between Ofsted and Dfe academy brokers have been busy even before the reports are published!!

  5. VictoriaJaquiss

    rob_kelsall SchoolsImprove Yeah. They’re getting really confident. Whole towns at a time! Time to barricade the school gates, methinks.

  6. andylutwyche

    mburrough SchoolsImprove That’s the trouble with data, it can be used to show anything. Also, if you read some reports, lame reasons given

  7. rob_kelsall

    SteveIredale SBates2011 Schools in Nottingham should fight academy chain takeovers. NAHT have plenty of support & advice for members

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