Northern Ireland school makes video overcrowding appeal to authorities

The BBC is reporting that a primary school in County Antrim has made a social media video to highlight their acute lack of classroom space for the growing number of pupils…

The canteen at Kilbride Central near Doagh is also the assembly hall, sports hall and P7 classroom.

The video has been made for the attention of the Department of Education and North Eastern Education Board.

The school is appealing for a new hall or an extension to ease its plight.

Teacher Julie West said every day around lunchtime is a logistics nightmare.

“Each day there’s quite a lot of disruption, because it’s not just a dinner hall at dinners, there’s a lot of time required to set up for the dinners,” she said.

“I would estimate that I would lose at least 30 minutes teaching time every day.

“But then we have to up sticks, move all the tables, chairs and go somewhere else in the school, but there isn’t really anywhere else to go..

…The video was the idea of principal Christopher Currie.

“I came home at night to my wife griping about the situation,” he said.

“She said ‘there’s no point griping or giving off to me about it, you have to tell people about it’.

“I decided there’s only one way to do that, I’m going to show the North Eastern Board, I’m going to show the Department of Education and whoever is interested in looking at it, I’m going to show them how bad the situation actually is…

More at: Kilbride Central School in video overcrowding appeal


What do you think of the idea of the school creating a video like this to campaign for the space they need? Anyone else done something similar? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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