Northern Ireland pupil’s GCSE grade jumps from D to A – hundreds appeal AS English results

The Belfast Telegraph reports that questions have been raised over exam results in Northern Ireland after hundreds of AS level students applied to have an exam remarked and a GCSE student jumped from a D to an A after a remark.

The revelations came as a parent told how her daughter went from a grade D to A after getting her GCSE English Literature exam remarked.

Mum Joanne said: “She was fourth year and sat three GCSEs. She went to collect her exam results and she rang me crying. She said she got a D in her English literature and said herself, ‘it’s not right’.

“So we waited til school started again and she went to the head of her year and we paid £18 for that one paper to be remarked and it came back as an A, where she was a point off an A*.

The concerned parent said without the remark her child would not have had enough points to get into lower sixth.

In a separate case a father whose son got his maths GCSE remarked and went up a grade only to discover he was in fact half a mark off full-marks.

“I know there were kids who didn’t get back to school because they didn’t make the points for A Levels. When they had theirs remarked 10 kids got back to school 4 weeks late.”

Ulster Unionist education spokesperson Rosemary Barton MLA, said she is horrified at the revelations. “It is vital that the entire marking and scoring process by CCEA is reviewed. More urgently however they should investigate the cases that have been brought to their attention, particularly those that have been marked by individuals where there are such significant differences in the scores. I also believe it may be necessary to reopen the appeal process to allow those who received what they believe to be wrong scores to have them looked at again.”

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