Northern Ireland grammar schools get big funding boost

According to the BBC, a change to how schools in Northern Ireland are funded could see some grammar schools add an extra £90,000 to their budget…

Schools with greater numbers of pupils in receipt of free meals will receive most additional funding. It marks a change in how funding has been allocated in the past.

The department of education has removed funding that pays for school premises.

Money will now be allocated to schools based on the number of pupils.

Figures that first appeared in the Irish News, show that 60 out of 68 grammar schools in Northern Ireland may benefit.

There is a fear that more than 80% of primary schools could see their budgets reduced as part of the restructuring.

Frank Cassidy from the Association of School and College Leaders, which represents grammar schools, said that he supports the increase but not at the expense of other sectors in the education system.

“This need for extra resources should not be at the expense of other schools but should come from educational administration costs…”

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Can anyone explain what’ happening here? We’ve covered the issue of primary schools and a reallocation of budgets to those with the highest levels of disadvantaged (or FSM) pupils, but what’s behind grammar schools getting a big boost? Do they have higher than average numbers of FSM pupils? Please let us know in the comments or on twitter… 

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