Norfolk and Isle of Wight are the first local authorities to undergo the new Ofsted school improvement inspections

For the first time, teams of Ofsted inspectors will on Monday begin inspecting local authority arrangements for supporting school improvement in two parts of the country – Norfolk and the Isle of Wight – to find out, in Ofsted’s words, why these authorities have such a disproportionate number of under-performing schools. This is from Ofsted…

HM Chief Inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, said that Ofsted was determined to find out what lies behind this under-performance and to challenge and work with local authorities to raise standards and close the gap between the worst and best performing authorities in England.

The five-day inspections are taking place under a new framework, which came into force last month. These new inspections will determine whether councils are providing the right level of support and challenge to schools in their jurisdiction as well as promoting high standards and fair access to educational opportunity for all their children.

Sir Michael said:

‘Inspectors will be going into Norfolk and the Isle of Wight because too many schools in these two areas are failing to provide a standard of education that children deserve.

‘Ofsted’s targeted inspection of schools in Norfolk earlier this year and recent school inspections in the Isle of Wight have raised serious concerns about the effectiveness of the local authorities’ support and challenge. In both cases, many school leaders have expressed the view that their local authority is not doing enough to challenge their institutions to improve.’

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  1. TeaLadyJune

    It would be interesting to see how much those LAs have cut services over recent years; c.f. good LAs, too. #LAscutback SchoolsImprove

  2. Chrysalis

    Has anyone noticed that Gove encourages schools to be academies, free from LA oversight, and for all schools to be more independent.  Meanwhile, Wilshaw complains that schools are not sufficiently challenged by LA’s, and are not doing enough to improve schools.
    As someone who works for an LA, I can’t figure out whether I should be closely challenging schools and supporting them to improve, or whether I should be leaving them alone to decline and flounder.
    The Government wants to give the image of liberation, while still needing the LA to blame when things go wrong.

  3. johntleeds

    SchoolsImprove Blimey… they don’t sound like big metro Labour LAs!? Must be a test-drive before Gove picks a fight.

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