‘No-touch’ gadget will allow teachers to apply block without fear of child abuse allegations

The Mail is reporting that two mothers have developed a new ‘no-touch’ gadget to help teachers apply sunblock while protecting themselves against allegations of child abuse.

…The roll-on applicator allows teachers to apply cream to children’s skin without violating school rules banning physical contact with pupils.

Its creators said it is also perfect for use by children as its design prevents the usual mess associated with youngsters putting on the lotion.

The gadget, called ‘Solar Buddies’, costs £7 online and has already been snapped up by more than 400 parents for their children’s schoolbags.

It comes amid growing concern that youngsters are failing to put on enough sunscreen in the summer months, with teachers powerless to help them apply it…

Solar Buddies was created by Kelli Aspland, 36, and Laura Griffin, 32, two stay-at-home mums from Cwmbran, South Wales…

The pair came up with the idea when they noticed how much of a mess their children were making while trying to apply their own sunscreen at school.

They took inspiration from deodorant applicators to create the gadget, which involves a roller ball to control the flow of cream and a sponge to spread it on the skin.

The bottle is refillable so parents can choose the product most suitable for their child.

Around 5,000 have been made so far, with the help of Cardiff Metropolitan University and supported by charity Melanoma UK…

More at: The ‘safe’ way to put suncream on a child: ‘No-touch’ gadget will allow teachers to apply block without fear of child abuse allegations


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    SchoolsImprove has any teacher actually been accused of child abuse whilst putting sun cream on a child?

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