No evidence separating twins boosts academic achievement, research finds

There is no strong evidence that separating twins into different classes at school improves their academic achievement, research has shown. i News reports.

The study warns there should be no “strict” rules in schools on keeping twins apart, and argues that the decision should be left to the children, their parents and the teachers to decide what is best.

According to the research, around one in five schools in the UK have a “stringent policy” on separating twins or triplets without consulting the parents.

The findings come in a paper, published in Developmental Psychology, led by academics at Goldsmiths, University of London, which analysed information on more than 9,000 pairs of twins aged between seven and 16 in the UK and Canada.

Researchers looked at twins’ academic achievement, based on teacher reports and GCSE results, as well as their cognitive abilities and academic motivation.

It adds that, among the UK twins, the only significant differences between twins taught together and separately was at the age of 16, with a “weak average effect” in favour of educating twins together.

According to the NHS, recent research by King’s College London found that twins separated at the start of primary school had more emotional problems, on average, than those kept together. This was particularly pronounced among identical twins.

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