‘No conclusions’ on Savile in schools

The BBC is reporting that investigations into possible abuse during visits to schools and children’s homes by Jimmy Savile have been unable to reach any “firm conclusions”…

Children’s Minister Edward Timpson said despite “credible” informants, none of the 14 separate investigations had found sufficient evidence of abuse.

Mr Timpson said: “The lack of corroborating evidence prevented them from reaching a definitive conclusion.”

The allegations related to visits by Savile in the 1960s to 1980s.

The Department for Education’s report brings together a series of local investigations, carried out by local authorities, charities and schools, into possible abuse during visits by Savile.

But none of the investigations were able to produce “firm conclusions about whether the alleged abuse took place or not”…

Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, who provided independent oversight, reported that safeguarding practices had improved significantly in schools and children’s homes since the time of the allegations.

“The risk of a paedophile having unrestricted access to children, as Savile apparently had, is now substantially reduced,” the report said.

However, a report into an allegation of abuse by Savile at a children’s home run by Southwark Council acknowledged the difficulty in investigating historical claims of this nature.

It said: “There are formidable challenges in obtaining information which might support or refute an allegation of this nature; challenges also in interpreting and understanding actions associated with this allegations in the light of practice at the time, as opposed to what is expected today.”

And it noted that there are no documents to support the alleged victim’s claim and that any potential witnesses named are dead…

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