No barrier over Catholic and Protestant schools merger (but they’ll keep their own uniforms and wings)

Two primary schools in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, are celebrating getting Stormont support for a new school to be used jointly by Catholic and Protestant pupils although they will keep their own uniforms and have their own wings. This is from the BBC…

They say it will save money and save the controlled school from closure.

Moy Regional, which has mostly Protestant children has a lot fewer pupils than recommended. The mainly Catholic St John’s has enough pupils.

The Education Minister, John O’Dowd said there were no legal barriers to the schools merging.

Classes from both the Moy regional and St John’s Catholic schools often walk the five minutes through the village of Moy to share classes and activities.

St John’s Catholic school has plenty of pupils but it does not want the Regional school to close.

It is worried that if that happened, the Protestant community would desert the village and they believe that would not be in anyone’s interest.

The two schools have a plan to take their sharing a step further by building a single school to replace the existing schools.

It would be on a neutral site, both sets of pupils would enter through the same front door and go to their own separate wings.

They would come together in the canteen, gym, music and IT rooms. But crucially, they would keep their own uniforms, teachers and boards of governors.

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