Nicky Morgan: Schools are ‘defeatist’ about teacher workload

The TES is reporting that Nicky Morgan has said schools should stop being “defeatist” when it comes to tackling teachers’ heavy workload, particularly on the subject of excessive marking.

The education secretary made her comments this morning as she announced the creation of three new working groups, including teachers, from September to help schools combat the profession’s long hours.

In a speech at a Teach First conference in Leeds, Ms Morgan said the groups would concentrate on reducing the burden associated with marking, lesson planning and resources, and data management…

“Why be so defeatist about it? Why be so accepting?” Ms Morgan said. “There are some schools that do manage the process. That is why I particularly want to look at marking, and one of the things that has come up is ‘deep marking’.

“There are ways of schools are managing workload issues, so why don’t we all look at what we are doing? Rather than just accepting that is what goes with teaching. That is like saying online trolling goes with being a member of Parliament. No, it is unacceptable [and] I will call it out.”

Mary Bousted, general secretary of the ATL, welcomed the government’s recognition of teacher workload as an issue, but accused Ms Morgan of being “insulting” and “selective” about the causes…

More at: Nicky Morgan: Schools are ‘defeatist’ about teacher workload


Read Nicky Morgan’s speech in full at: Nicky Morgan speaks about the inspirational impact of Teach First


Do you welcome the move from Nicky Morgan to set up these working groups to help combat workloads, including a role for teachers?

And what of the comments suggesting, effectively, that schools should try harder to find solutions?

Please give us your reactions in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. SirBlimelyWindy

    SchoolsImprove yet more idiocy by NM. I wonder if other countries laugh when they see who runs education here

  2. Organic_Jane

    SchoolsImprove It has increased due to government & ofsted policy & demands. If teachers are defeatist it is down to politicians attitudes.

  3. rrunsworth

    peterbellswfc She does have a point, some schools do get it right. Perhaps they could share via Twitter?

  4. The evidence suggests that there both highly time-effective marking techniques and also those which take ages and are not effective.  If her working parties dig these out and publicise them then some teachers can be released from the ridiculous burdens put on them, often by their senior staff.

  5. TW

    “That is like saying online trolling goes with being a member of Parliament. No, it is unacceptable [and] I will call it out.””

    Oh no, surely she’s not going to announce another bright idea.  The caves will be gushing with fear.

  6. DenrooneyDenise

    SchoolsImprove why not start with ofsted and their expectations on schools and go from there! How much does it cost? Is it value 4 money?

  7. BarnsleyNASUWT

    SchoolsImprove the reason so many teachers are “accepting” is that they fear for their livelihoods…

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