Nicky Morgan says academies are ‘just part of the picture’, as charm offensive continues

The TES is reporting that Nicky Morgan has said that academies are “just one part of the picture”, in what will be seen as another major departure from her predecessor’s line on the country’s school system…

Ms Morgan, who replaced Michael Gove as head of the Department for Education in July, has continued her charm offensive toward the teaching profession, stating that academies are not the whole picture and are “complemented” by thousands of “excellent” schools in the maintained sector.

It marks a serious change in tone from the DfE, which previously saw Mr Gove regularly placed on a war-footing with the teaching profession over standards in schools.

Ms Morgan’s comments come in a letter addressed to her opposite number, Labour education spokesman Tristram Hunt, and continue her attempts to make relations between her office and the workforce less adversarial.

Responding to Mr Hunt’s letter, which was sent on the day she came into office and claimed that the coalition’s reforms had led to a lowering of overall standards and focused too much on structural reform, Ms Morgan said the government’s track record “spoke for itself”.

“Our expansion of the academies programme has given schools the freedom to decide for themselves how best to support their pupils,” she writes.

But she adds: “Of course, academies are just one part of the picture, and their work is complemented by thousands of excellent schools in the maintained sector.

“The quality and prestige of our teaching profession is also better than ever.”

Russell Hobby, general secretary of heads’ union the NAHT, welcomed her comments, but added they needed to be followed with action.

Read Nicky Morgan’s letter to Tristram Hunt in full

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Reactions to these comments from Nicky Morgan? Russell Hobby says they need to be followed with action – what kind of action would you like to see? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. marymered

    SchoolsImprove If this is Morgan’s charm offensive would hate to see true nasty party side: ‘Teach toddlers #BritishValues or lose funding’

  2. supernash69

    SchoolsImprove NickyMorgan01 Will role of Regional Commissioners be altered to reflect this new found admiration for maintained schools?

  3. yaa16may

    SchoolsImprove not charmed, gonna take a lot of work to gain teachers’ confidence. Offended, well not as much. Keep going Nicky U0001f44d

  4. Janet2

    She’s still pushing the same tosh that academies give schools ‘freedom’ to decide how ‘best’ to support children.  She knows very well, just as her predecessor did, that all schools have this freedom – it’s nothing to do with academy status.

    If anything, the academies programme has resulted in some schools having less freedom – if they are in academy chains then they can be controlled from central office to a far greater degree than was ever possible with LAs leaving little room, if any, for heads to use their supposed extra autonomy. 

    She might be a more emollient personality than her abrasive predecessor but the Government’s just changed the packaging – the product is still toxic.

  5. VictoriaJaquiss

    SchoolsImprove In that case, any chance of the money back that academies stole from the music services, SEN services, gov services. . . ..?

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