Nicky Morgan must tackle teachers’ workload, says NUT

The BBC is reporting that the NUT has threatened more strike action unless the education secretary reduces teachers’ workloads in England…

Nicky Morgan makes her first Conservative Party conference speech as education secretary on Tuesday.

About 90% of 16,379 NUT members who responded to a survey said they had considered quitting in the past two years over excessive work.

A spokesman for Mrs Morgan said her speech would not disappoint the NUT.

The union sent out an email survey to its members in England and Wales last weekend.

It says the responses make “for shocking and sobering reading” and demonstrate the scale of the “workload crisis” in schools.

  • 90% had considered giving up teaching during the past two years because of workload.
  • 87% said they knew one or more colleagues who had given up during the past two years
  • 96.5% said their workload had negative consequences for their family or personal life.

NUT general secretary Christine Blower called the findings “utterly depressing”.

“Nicky Morgan needs to address this in her speech today and in her talks with teacher unions.”

Ms Blower said large numbers of teachers leaving the profession, combined with a possible shortfall in the recruitment of trainee teachers, could be “disastrous for children and young people”.

The union says excessive and unnecessary “accountability measures” required by school leaders for Ofsted mean teachers have to spend hours making detailed records of work done by pupils in lessons…

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It will be interesting to see how Nicky Morgan handles this one – the NUT must feel they are pushing on something of an open door if the education secretary really does want to show a more conciliatory approach ahead of an election. Is excessive and unnecessary paperwork one big quick win that could make a difference for teachers? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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