Nicky Morgan joins David Cameron in backing ban on full-face veil in schools

The Mirror is reporting that Nicky Morgan has joined David Cameron in backing a ban on Muslim girls wearing full-face veils in schools.

…Her intervention followed a warning from Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw that inspectors have found the coverings are causing communication problems in the classroom on occasion…

David Cameron has also said he would back institutions that have “sensible rules” over Muslims wearing full-face veils, but he ruled out a full public ban.

Mrs Morgan told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The Prime Minister was absolutely right to say, and we have a very clear view in this country, we are not going to tell people what they can and they can’t wear, that would cut across the values we are talking about that we want everybody to follow.

“But there are times, there are institutions and organisations where it is right – schools will be one of them – where the school leaders want to have a clear uniform policy they want everybody to observe and they may decide that point, that they don’t want people to wear the full-face veil.”

She added: “It very much is up to the schools, schools will have a uniform policy.

“But there are certain things, particularly in relation to teachers who are teaching young children, particularly learning to read and to speak, where actually seeing the teacher’s mouth is very, very important in understanding them.”

Mrs Morgan said the rules should cover both teachers and pupils: “I think it applies to both. Teachers are very much role models for their pupils.”

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Presumably no one has a problem with a veil or headscarf which leaves the face uncovered, so the issue is when the face is not visible.

What do you say – should teachers or pupils be allowed to wear full-face veils?

Please tell us why/why not in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. TW

    Wasn’t the full-face veil developed to protect people from sand storms in the Sahara?  Why would anyone want to wear it in Europe?  There are plenty of Muslims who say it has nothing to do with any religious, as opposed to cultural or political, requirement.

  2. bjsutty

    SchoolsImprove what about a ban on MP’s pay rise while I sit in school freezing because the heating doesn’t work

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