Nicky Morgan insists teaching arts is ‘essential’

The Press Association (via the Mail) is reporting that Nicky Morgan has hit back at claims the Government has downgraded the teaching of arts in schools, insisting she considered it an essential element of learning and a “matter of social justice”…

The exclusion of arts from the core subjects that must be studied at GCSE under the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) system created a storm of protest, with campaigners saying it would lead to it being marginalised in schools.

But Ms Morgan dismissed those concerns as nonsense and said making sure young people were aware of Britain’s cultural contribution from Shakespeare to One Direction was ” at the heart of our plans to prepare the next generation for life in the modern world”…

“I believe access to cultural education is a matter of social justice. And for too long those who’ve had access to the best opportunities the arts have to offer, have been those young people with parents with the ability to pay.

“That cannot be right. So I’ve made broadening access and opportunities to the arts a priority for my Department. So we’ve invested £460 million in cultural education projects that complement what’s happening in the classroom…”

“I firmly reject any suggestion that I or this Government think that arts subjects are in anyway less important or less worthy than other subjects for study in school. On the contrary a young person’s education cannot be complete unless it includes the arts…”

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